Dr. Barbara Krausz


I am a researcher in NetMedia's computer vision group at Fraunhofer IAIS. I received my bachelor's and master's degree from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Sankt Augustin and my PhD in 2012 from the University of Bonn. In 2008, I started to work at Fraunhofer IAIS.

Research Interests

  • event detection and action recognition in videos
  • crowd dynamics
  • pedestrian simulation
  • object detection and tracking
  • multimedia analysis and retrieval
  • image aesthetics


  • B. Krausz, C. Bauckhage
    Integrating lateral swaying of pedestrians into simulations, Int. Conf. on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics PED 2012
  • D. Stein, B. Krausz, J. Löffler, R. Bardeli, J. Schwenninger, B. Usabaev, R. Marterer.
    Enriching an Intelligent Resource Management System with Automatic Event Recognition
    ISCRAM 2012
  • B. Krausz, C. Bauckhage
    Loveparade 2010: Automatic Video Analysis of a Crowd Disaster
    Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 116(3), 307 - 319, 2012
  • B. Krausz, C. Bauckhage
    Analyzing Pedestrian Behavior in Crowds for Automatic Detection of Congestions
    ICCV-Workshop on Modeling, Simulation and Visual Analysis of Large Crowds, 2011
  • B. Krausz, C. Bauckhage
    Automatic Detection of Dangerous Motion Behavior in Human Crowds
    AVSS 2011
  • B. Krausz, C. Bauckhage
    Action Recognition in Videos using Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
    ICPR 2010
  • B. Krausz, R. Herpers
    MetroSurv: detecting events in subway stations,
    Multimedia Tools and Applications, 50 (1), S. 123-147, 2010
  • B. Krausz, R. Herpers
    Event detection for video surveillance using an expert system,
    AREA 2008
  • B. Krausz, A. Brièll, C. Eckes, J. Löffler
    Capturing and Processing of 360° Panoramic Images for Emergency Site Exploration,
    Mobile Response 2008

In Media

  • heute - in Deutschland, hallo deutschland, ZDF, 08.09.2011 [Mediathek]
  • WDR aktuell, WDR, 06.09.2011
  • Software verhindert künftig Massenpaniken, computerworld.ch, 12.08.2011 [www]
  • Love Parade: Software sucht Hotspots in Menschenmassen, pressetext, 10.08.2011 [www]
  • Smart software spots swaying risk of a crushing crowd, New Scientist, 09.08.2011 [www]
  • Festival crush disasters could be prevented with software that detects dangerous crowd build-up, Daily Mail Online, 04.08.2011 [www]
  • Gefahr bei Großveranstaltungen: Software erkennt Vorboten einer Massenpanik, SpiegelONLINE, 26.11.2010 [www]
  • Loveparade-Videos analysiert, Kölnische Rundschau, 06.10.2010
  • Software gegen Massenpanik, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 01.10.2010 [www]

Latest blog entries

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