Doris Baum

I am a researcher and PhD student in NetMedia's audio processing group at Fraunhofer IAIS. My focus is on speech processing for multimedia archives, especially speaker recognition. My PhD supervisor is Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology.

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Selected Publications

Baum, D. (2009): Topic-based Speaker Recognition for German Parliamentary Speeches, IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop 2009 (ASRU '09)

Baum, D., Samlowski, B., Winkler, T., Bardeli, R., Schneider (2009): DiSCo - a speaker and speech recognition evaluation corpus for challenging problems in the broadcast domain,
Proceedings of the GSCL Symposium 'Sprachtechnologie und eHumanities' 2009

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Visiting Brno

At the end of Febuary I'll be off to Brno, Czech Republic, for 3 months - visiting the Brno Speech Group.